Filbert Acres
Contact: Jonathan and Alison Nichols
Address: 6625 Pioneer Way E Puyallup, WA, 98371
Email Address:
Phone: 253-251-1361
About Us
Filbert Acres is a small farm in the Puyallup Valley that has been growing quality hazelnuts since the 1930s. The Nichols moved on 12 years ago and knew they needed to replace the old hazelnut trees with blight-resistant varieties, and they have diversified the farm into microgreens, asparagus, garlic, tomato plants and some vegetables. We take great satisfaction in stewarding the orchard in a sustainable way. In the big picture, we have returned some of the valley to forest land, albeit managed forest. Our trees are effectively a perennial no-till cover crop, building soil year after year in the trees and roots. We enjoy hosting wildlife, friends, and customers on the farm, knowing that "eating is an agricultural act," (Berry) and that everyone loves a healthy connection to the land. . . and a good nut.