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Steger Family Farm
Contact: Steger Family
Address: 304 Stearns Road Chehalis , WA, 98532
Phone: 360-880-6680
About Us
We started selling USDA processed Pork and Beef just this year in 2020, however we have been raising animals and selling pork wholes, halves and BBQ pigs for a few years now. Our children are all involved in 4-H and FFA and play an important role in raising our animals. Our products include individual cuts, as well as boxes, wholes and halves.
As a family we have gone to many feed conferences and done a lot of research to decide how to best raise our product. We have decided on a high protein/high quality feed that produces a great product. We use a local butcher for our wholes and halves, as well as a butcher in Oregon, who does our USDA processing. Our mission is to provide a great Farm to Table product.