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Rising River Farm
Contact: Jennifer Belknap & Jim McGinn
Address: 13208 201st Ave SW Rochester, WA, 98579
Phone: 360-273-5368
About Us
Rising River Farm is a small family farm owned and operated by Jim McGinn and Jennifer Belknap. We grow veggies, culinary herbs, and garden starts on our 15 fertile acres along the Chehalis River in Rochester Washington. You can learn more about us and our history at our website.
Since day one, we have been certified organic. Our aim is to create a healthy soil, which will then yield healthy food. We use cover cropping, careful crop rotation, fallowing (resting the land) and proper fertilization with only natural ingredients to build a healthy soil and reduce the presence of disease and pests. We are surrounded by wild hedgerows, hay fields, a creek, woods, and like-minded, responsible neighbors which helps keep our fields protected and clean.

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