Natural Beginnings Garden
Contact: Kathy Aust
Address: 2217 Sirkka Street Centralia, WA, 98531
About Us
Natural Beginnings Garden was started in 2019 to share natural, healthy food with our family and friends, to inspire others to be self-sufficient with their own sustainable living gardens, and to know how to have fun in the process of creating garden layouts and garden projects. We enjoy the therapeutic and healthy benefits of all that a garden can provide.

Eating living foods regularly is the best way to heal your body and protect against future damage. We grow a very diverse selection of vegetables and herbs for you to enjoy. From root crops and salad greens to herbs and spices, and specialty items such as artichokes to various types of garlic, onion and potatoes, and don't forget those wonderful microgreens.

We are always willing to grow our microgreens in bulk. If you have a small business, prepare your own products, and are looking to add the nutritional value of microgreens to your products, please contact us. We would love the opportunity to discuss your needs.
My husband, Steve, and I believe in giving back to the garden naturally to ensure a healthy growing environment for our plants. This consists of using cover crops, adding natural kitchen food scraps, worm composting, as well as yard waste to put nutrients back into the soil.

All harvesting is done by hand, by me! We do not have a crew or machinery, making it a very personal experience. I try to harvest the best produce of each crop. This allows me to give a more thorough check on the produce sold to you, to ensure you are getting quality products. I do not wash my microgreens when harvesting because I believe that more handling of the food allows more opportunity for bacteria to find its way to your microgreens. Instead, I harvest straight into your packages so you get your microgreens as fresh as possible. When it comes to the garden produce, I do rinse off the dirt. (smile)

We do not use any chemicals or GMOs in our garden. Every living food in our garden is naturally grown and naturally cared for. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and love growing healthy food for others.