SW Washington Minimally Processed Vegetables
Contact: All proceeds to SW WA Food Hub farmers
Address: 3054 Carpenter Rd SE Olympia, WA, 98503
Email Address:
Phone: 360-790-9308
About Us
The SW Washington Minimally Processed Produce operation produces cut vegetables frozen or raw to regional schools, restaurants and other buyers. Products are processed in a community processing facility, and include grated, shredded, cubed, diced, or sliced winter and summer squash, carrots, root vegetables, onions and leeks, and other products. We can process to meet your needs so please inquire if your business needs a processed product that you don't see listed in product availability. The operation is run by WSU Extension and supported by a USDA Rural Business Development Grant with the intention of addressing infrastructure gaps for manufacturing minimally-cut produce for institutional and other buyers.
All processed product was grown on certified organic farms. All farm suppliers are members of the SW Washington Food Hub and Growers Cooperative.