Wild Heart Sipping Vinegar
Address: 291 Sussex Ave W Tenino, WA, 98589
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Phone: 360-239-0817
About Us
We are a small, family-owned and women-operated business specializing in delightful gourmet sipping vinegars (aka: shrubs). Endlessly versatile, you can sip and savor our delicious drinking vinegars all on their own, or go ahead! Get a little wild with cocktails, spritzers, vinaigrettes, culinary sauces, healthy hydration and more.
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Time makes tasty! so we create all our small-batch sipping vinegars by hand, slowly and carefully cold-aging them until they reach the perfect equilibrium, allowing the rich fruits, juices, savory herbs and healthy apple cider vinegar to co-mingle into a beautiful harmony of flavor. Check out recipes online!