Northwest Farms
Contact: Joel Berman
Address: 8535 Commerce Pl Dr NE Suite C Lacey, WA, 98516
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About Us
About NW Farms
• NW Farms is committed to helping our food system evolve through
sustainable food production and quality produce
• Local (Lacey & Auburn, WA), family-owned, offering year-round
produce from indoor, climate-controlled farm facilities
• Products are hydroponically-grown, pesticide and herbicide free, and
• Using vertical farming technology, we produce crops that offer
consistent and enhanced flavor, nutrition and shelf-life
• To elevate freshness and nutritional value, we strive to have produce
delivered to customers within 48 hours of harvest
• NW Farms’ production approach limits environmental impact by:
? Using 90+% less water
? Limiting carbon footprint through reduced transport emissions
as a result of local production
? No pesticides
? Plastic reduction through eco-friendly packaging
? Better for Environment – 40% less plastic than
traditional clamshells, and uses recycled material
? Extends Shelf Life - Lids are customized by product to
optimize respiration and extend shelf life
? Resealable - Resealable lid makes opening and closing
easy, and helps preserve shelf life
• Comprised of a diverse team drawing on expertise from Driscoll’s, as
well as other hydroponic farm and innovation-oriented ventures